A Banker’s Appreciation Final Message

Today is my last day working at Metrobank.

When you’re attached to the company that you work for, the people you work with, and the work that you do, it’s really hard to say goodbye. I ridiculously cried on the way home while walking and bringing 2 big bags and a box of my favorite chocolate caramel cake on my last (on-site) day. I wasn’t emotionally prepared to clean my work area and pack up my things when suddenly the 3rd ECQ in the Philippines was declared. At the back of my mind, I knew I still had a few more weeks before my effectivity date.  

While it is impossible to suitably sum up my feelings in a few words, I hope through this post, I can convey my immense gratitude towards my mentors and colleagues for the excellent mentorship, wisdom, guidance, and friendship I gained. Metrobank has provided me an enabling environment to be a well-rounded Transaction Banker and actualize my career goals. I have experienced exceptional growth and gained a holistic understanding of the complexities and structures of Trade and Supply Chain Finance, more so of Transaction Banking. I wouldn’t trade learning Trade for anything else.

Every growth, every success story, is anchored on a voluntary acceptance of change and unfamiliarity. While change can be uncomfortable, from change comes growth. While I was too boxed on just doing Cash Management, I knew I won’t grow had I stayed in my comfort zone. Being the eager and humble learner that I am, I’m glad I took that leap of faith and managed Trade products. The bank taught me to constantly find humility in learning. And there will always be one thing to learn every single day that even up to my very last day with the bank, I still learned something new today.

After processing approximately 3 million data rows in Excel, generating 600+ vlookups, pivot tables, reports, and graphs, accepting 589 calendar invites, creating 413 elicitation requirements, understanding 68 Trade product life cycles, presenting 12 business reviews and 5 Trade Industry / Commodity Price reports, undergoing 3 weeks of Trade Operations immersion, and staying for 1,073 very fruitful days, even if it’s still emotionally painful for me to say this: I end my journey as a Trade Product Manager with Metrobank today.

I am grateful to be able to create meaningful value for the bank, its customers, and stakeholders. I am proud to have been in good hands. Thank you, Metrobank. I will always be a proud #Metrobanker.

Now it’s time for my banking journey to navigate through a different path. Still towards the same direction, just a different ship.


Source: Samantha Marie Libunao’s LinkedIn