Blogs accepting guest post for FREE in the Philippines or Asian Market

Finding a good website with high reputation, domain ranking and low spam score to submit your guest blog posts is hard to find these days.

And even if you can find one, they charge a hefty $500 per post (I experienced this since I am an SEO marketer too).

But look no further because we opened up practical and brand friendly categories where you can share your piece of content with us.

With, you can be confident that we will not charge nor delete your approved submission in the future. It stays with us forever and free of charge 100% (unlike other blogs out there).

In fact, this post is the first initiative of this program and even on the whole website itself so you will be confident that this will be the niche of this humble cyber home– to provide YOU (or your company) space for your marketing efforts.

Just take note of our following rules or guidelines before you start pitching your emails to our inbox or else, it will be ignored by our team.

  1. Your topic must be authentic, searchable and practical.
  2. Pick your content from our published categories
  3. Your content must be 1000 words or more.
  4. It must contain one to three (1-3) “related” backlinks only.
  5. You agree that we may MODIFY or DELETE your content anytime without consent if it contains words which might hurt our own reputation.

If you agree with the following terms and condition, we encourage you to submit your masterpiece content, article or blog today to our email at guestblog [at@] foobar [d0t] ph

Special thanks to Freepik for our cover and thumbnail image.